Determining Factors in Calling a Junk Removal Company

Deciding Factors in Calling a Junk Removal Company

Determining Factors in Calling a Junk Removal Company

Determining Factors in Calling a Junk Removal Company

How do you know when calling a junk removal company is better than doing it yourself?

We, at Sparks Junk Removal, hear this question all the time.

Don’t get us wrong. We love working with Do-It-Yourselfers. We want to support that “can-do” attitude. However, DIY is not for everyone or for all situations.

How do you know which is better for your situation?

Here are five (5) determining factors to help you decide if calling a junk removal company is more appropriate than doing it yourself:

Factor #1:  How Much Are You Throwing Away?

If you are cleaning out a closet or a bedroom you most likely will not need to call a professional. However, if you are upgrading your bedroom furniture or remodeling your closet, consider calling a junk removal company.

The difference is the size of the items and the number of items you are tossing. If it is heavy  (or too numerous) and won’t fit in the back of your vehicle, consider calling a junk removal company to do it for you.

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Factor #2:  Do You Have The Time to Donate or Take the Item Away?

In today’s crazy busy world, do you have time to load up your vehicle to take it to the dump yourself?

Or would calling a junk removal company save you time and dump fees?

Factor #3:  Is Your Neighborhood Prone to Illegal Dumping?

Some do-it-yourselfers prefer to have a dumpster delivered to them for use the next day or a couple of days. However, this is not always the best course of action.

First, consider the character of the neighborhood.

Would unauthorized passersby fill up the dumpster with their trash before you can fill it? Or will they respect your space and rental?

If not, consider calling a junk removal company to remove it for you.

Factor #4:  Will Your Vehicle Transport Your Unwanted Items Easily?

Most of us love our vehicles. Not only do they get us from here to there but they are an expression of who we are and our values. Some people like the freedom of going anywhere so they get vehicles with 4 wheel drive and all-terrain tires. Some prefer electric hybrids that allow them to take road trips without paying for a lot of gas.

Consider calling a junk removal company for Granite City junk removal

Unless you move a lot of bulky items regularly and have the vehicle to do that, it may be easier for you to order a curbside pick from Sparks Junk Removal instead of strapping that old couch to the top of your electric hybrid.

Factor #5:  Are You Physically Able to Move The Unwanted Items?

Be honest with yourself. Should you move that hide-a-bed? Is moving and lifting really within your physical capabilities.  No wants to admit when their body starts to decline or that they are not as strong as they used to be.

However, which is easier to heal from a twisted back or bruised feelings?

You don’t have to tell anyone. Blame it on your time commitments or claim you are giving the younger generation a chance.

Most of all, please protect your health.

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Sparks Junk Removal is here to help you. We offer several options to declutter and remove the junk to make your life easier.

Let the Queen of Junk help get rid of your unwanted junk safely and responsibly. We service both sides of the Arch from St. Louis, St Charles, and Florissant Missouri to Alton, Collinsville, Granite City, Jerseyville, Madison, Maryville, Troy, Glen Carbon, Godfrey, Illinois, and more.

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