Moving? 5 Packing Tips to Save Money and Time

Try these packing tips to make your next move easier

Moving? 5 Packing Tips to Save Money and Time

Moving? Save Money and Time with these 5 Packing Tips

Moving can be a costly and frustrating experience. However, it does not have to be with a bit of planning and insightful packing tips, you can cut costs and save time in the process.

Packing Tip #1:  Use the Same Size Boxes

Ever play Tetris?

In this game, players rotate falling blocks strategically to clear levels. The goal is to prevent the blocks from stacking up to the top for as long as possible.

The challenge is that all of the falling blocks are different shapes.

Packing Tips- use the same size boxes

If the shapes were all the same size, you could easily maneuver them and stack more of them in a smaller space.

Now imagine the moving van as the screen and your moving boxes were the same size (think paper boxes from the office).

How much faster could you pack and unpack the van if the boxes were the same size?

However, loading speed is not the only advantage of using the same-size boxes. Same size boxes:

  • Prevents overpacking boxes
  • Prevent packing too many heavy items in one box (like books)
  • Prevents Injury
  • Reduces muscle strain while lifting oddly shaped items like your coach
  • Allows little people to help with the packing
  • Safer for repeated lifting

Packing Tip #2:  Designate a Color for each Family Member or Room

Part of planning a successful, stress-free move is to organize the packing for quick unpacking.

The shorter it takes to unpack, the faster you can get on with your life.

One of the fastest ways to unpack faster is to label each box by room and content — like Pete’s toys, Sarah’s electronics, Dad’s workbooks, or Mom’s business supplies.

Designate a color for each family member to label the box’s contents and which room it goes in. Then give each family member a whole pack of that color. Avoid light colors like yellow or pastels as they are harder to read in poorly lit rooms.

Tip 2 Use colored markers to label boxes

Don’t forget to add who has what color on the moving to-do list you post on the fridge at the new place.

Double labeling will speed up the process of unloading and stacking the boxes in the correct place.

Packing Tip #3:  Inventive Re-Purposing Saves You Money

Don’t buy bubble wrap! Use your sheets, towels, coats, and clothing to wrap your stuff instead of packing them in a box!

You can re-purpose all kinds of things in the packing process, not just your clothes.

  • Use a wine box to pack your shoes or stemware
  • Use your socks to fill your stemware. Then put a sock over each piece to protect it
  • Use your shoes to house baggies of nails, push pins, and other wall fasteners

The only limit is your imagination!

Packing Tip #4:  Create an Essentials Box

The essentials box is the box of essential supplies to finish packing and what you need to get your new home up and running.

Man and woman looking in a box for Tip 4 - have a box just for essential moving supplies

Generally, your moving essentials box will have:

  1. Move-In to-do list (post it when you first walk in)
  2. Toilet paper (at least two (2) rolls)
  3. Scissors & Tape
  4. Coffee station (coffee pot, coffee/hot cocoa, mugs, flavorings, spoon, etc.)
  5. Trash bags, napkins, and disposable dining ware
  6. Pencil, pens, paper
  7. Cell phone cables and battery chargers
  8. Basic tool kit
  9. First aid kit
  10. Daily Medicine – 3 days worth

Packing Tip #5:  Create Personal Backpacks for Each Family Member

Moving is tough on everyone. It is particularly isolating for little people. They see everyone else doing something but them – causing little people to feel left out, forgotten, or useless.

To keep them involved in the process, prepare a personal backpack for each family member, including the pets. Then make each person responsible for their backpacks during the move.

Packing Tip - Have a pack for your pets too

Typical items include:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Showering gear & other toiletries
  • Personal electronics with cords
  • If old enough, vitamins and other medicines
  • Travel Pillow or slippers
  • For little people, include their favorite toy
  • Use dog backpacks that can hold collapsible water bowls, treats, and leashes
  • Books, activity books, crayons, or water-soluble markers

Don’t forget to inspect the kids’ backpacks before you leave. Then add something extra or new to keep them entertained during the drive or when they first get there.

Packing Tip - Call us to help with the clean up

Sparks Junk Removal knows how hard it can be to get moved. We helped thousands get ready to move and clean up after a move over the years. Especially, with our simple packing tips.

Give us a call when you are ready to take the next step in your moving process.

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