Why Pick Sparks?

Junk Removal

Why Pick Sparks?

Sparks Junk Removal & Hauling is your “All Inclusive” junk removal, service provider. When we say “All-Inclusive” we mean it. We will do everything from demolition, lifting, loading, hauling, disposal, clean-out, and even the landfill fees.

We have been serving Illinois and Missouri since 1993. From then until now we have been keeping our promise of good quality, friendly, professional and trustworthy junk removal and hauling service.

We can remove almost everything and anything. We can handle your furniture, appliances, electronics, glass, construction debris, glass, wood, green waste, e-waste or any other waste. We can also take care of interior demolitions and hot tub disposals for you.

Aside from handling your junk Sparks Junk Removal & Hauling disposes of them responsibly and properly. We will check for any junk we can recycle, donate, repurpose, or decompose, and for the rest we will bring them to the proper landfill disposal areas.

Sparks Junk Removal & Hauling is aware of the current COVID-19 health threat that we are facing, but regardless of the threat, we are still open to serve you. We are offering you a “ZERO CONTACT HAULING”. You can just leave your junk at the curbside, driveway, yard or garage and we will pass by and take it away for a very nice price.

Call or book with us online now and get an obligation free quote!

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